Michael Spremulli

His clients often refer to him as a “mind reader”!

Michael Spremulli is a corporate personality profiler. For over 20 years he’s been a highly sought after authority helping businesses identify and select the best person for the job. He’s able to predict with pin-point accuracy the probability of an applicant being successful in the position they’re applying for.

In Michael’s keynotes and breakout sessions, he shares insider secrets from his 20+ year career as a corporate personality profiler. Having profiled over 50,000 job candidates, he often knows people better than they know themselves. He’ll empower your attendees to gain instant clarity on their own personality, how to read the signs, signals, and clues of those they are interacting with – and most importantly – learn how to use the building blocks of personality to create mutually beneficial professional relationships.  

Michael’s programs can be tailored for maximum impact to address specific audience demographics (i.e. executives, sales, management, support etc.)