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Assessment Instructions

Hello and welcome to the PNE assessment portal!

Please note that the assessment process you are about participate in is comprised of TWO major parts and will take you approximately 60-75 minutes to complete. After you have completed all the sections in Part One, please return to this page and follow the instructions for completing Part Two. In the event you should experience a technical issue while completing any of the assessments, please do not start the assessment over from scratch. Instead, send an email to info@chrysaliscorporation.com describing your situation and help will be provided. 

Lastly, you will need to respond to all sections using either a desktop or laptop computer that has internet access. Both PC and MAC are fine. The assessments will not function correctly if you use a mobile device such as a smart phone or iPad.


(Approximate completion time: 1 hour)

You have been invited to respond to the Prevue assessment as part of an employee development experience at PNE. This assessment will take approximately one hour to complete. It is important that you respond to the assessment in a distraction free environment and in one uninterrupted sitting. Also, please be candid and honest with your responses. Any attempt to distort or enhance your responses will be reflected in the assessment results.

The Prevue assessment reviews a combination of work-related abilities, interests and/or personality attributes.

To begin the assessment please go to  https://www.assessmentstation.com

Username:            ACT_C7CA8651
Password:              D39C7

Please be sure to temporally disable any pop-up blocking software that you may have installed on your computer (this includes any tool bar such as Google or Yahoo that has pop-blocking abilities) while responding to the assessments.


(Approximate completion time: 15 minutes)

This portion of the process consists of two, short assessments. They are the Personal Motivation and Engagement assessment and the Management-Staff behavioral assessment.

To complete these assessments, click here: https://www.ttisurvey.com/424148AMP and follow the instructions. You will be guided through the process.

Thank you!