Michael Spremulli

A Letter From Michael...

Dear Friend,

I’m writing to you for 2 reasons today… both of which are equally important.

  1. I want to thank you for being a part of my client family, and for trusting me with your business.
  2. I wish I had a dozen of you.

Recently, I had a chat with one of my longest-standing clients, who told me they wish they could refer people to me more often.

I asked why they felt they couldn’t refer more people to us, and I was stunned to find that after over 16 years as a client, they had no idea what other services we offer, how to recognize when they SHOULD refer us, or even how to make that introduction easily. 

Why? Because I never told them!

I’ve built The Chrysalis Corporation over the past 20 years by helping people like you make better hiring decisions, and in return my happiest clients have always referred their friends, partners, and associates to me.

It’s a crucial part of my business, and a privilege to help you be a hero to people in your network going through hiring or staffing difficulties. 

I know that there are people in your network today that need what I do, and I know that I haven’t done enough to make it easy for you to make that introduction with confidence.

That’s why I built this page for you…

Below you will find answers to the biggest questions that stop people from making introductions.

While I cannot have a dozen of you… I am hopeful that this simple page increases my chances of working with people and companies just like yours for years to come. 

Michael Spremulli

What Do People Refer Me For?

  • Sift, sort, and separate candidates to know WHO you should be talking to and who should be avoided.
  • Analyze and screen candidates for high level roles to ensure you’re selecting the right leaders for your organization.
  • Avoid the cost and stress of making bad hires.
  • Avoid uneducated guesses when hiring.
  • Enterprise level pre-employment testing platforms.
  • Understand how someone will perform BEFORE you hire them.
  • Reduce employee turnover costs that bleed you dry.
  • Increase your chances of hiring the best person for the job.
  • Find reliable and trustworthy hourly employees that won’t leave you in a bind.
  • Automate your hiring process with pre-employment tests that which allow you to stop wasting time reviewing unqualified candidates.
  • Pre-employment screening assessments for hourly/entry-level team members, which allows you to find trustworthy candidates that are dependable.
  • Pre-employment selection assessments for supervisors.
  • Pre-employment selection assessments for Mid-managers which allows you to narrow your selection pool down to only the most qualified and talented candidates.
  • Pre-employment selection assessments for Sales professionals so that you can compare them to successful performers before you ever hire them.

When Do People Refer Me?

From time to time, you might notice someone you know grumbling about hiring or staffing struggles. 

Here are some examples of conversations that might trigger you to think of us and make a crucial introduction on behalf of your friend, colleague, or business associate:

  • “Employee turnover costs are bleeding the company dry.”
  • “My employee turnover costs are out of control.“
  • “How can I tell if the sales pro I want to hire is going to perform well BEFORE I stump up the cash” 
  • “How can I identify job applicants with a strong work ethic?”
  • “I hired someone who looked great on paper, had solid references, and interviewed “really, really well” turned out to be a complete and total dud. How can you really tell a strong candidate from a weak one?”
  • “I recently hired a salesperson who I thought was going to be a rock star, but they can’t sell their way out of a paper bag.”
  • “We are launching a new division in the company and it is essential that we hire an independent, self-motivated leader. They will be responsible for over 1000 employees. How can we be sure that they will have the required bench strength to succeed?”
  • “I hired someone who worked at a company much larger than mine. I thought they would kill it in the position. They were an utter failure! How did this happen and how can I avoid it in the future?”
  • “My last customer service manager told a client to “fuck off”. How can minimize the chances of hiring someone who would engage in this behavior?”
  • “I have a critical position that I need to fill and I am down to 3 candidates. All are impressive. How can I be sure that I hire the best one?”
  • “None of my hourly employees show up consistently. How can I be sure that my new hires are reliable?”
  • “How can I be sure that my hourly workers are trustworthy?”
  • “How can I make sure my new hires actually follow instructions?”
  • “I’m spending a fortune just trying to REPLACE team members.”
  • “I feel like everyone hires faster and more efficiently than us.”

How Can People Refer Me? (Steal These Easy To Use Intros For Text and E-Mail)

Swipe This Text Intro. . .

Meet Spremulli. He’s my go to guy when it comes to pre-employment testing. Think you two should chat!

Swipe This E-mail Intro. . .

[First Name],
I want to introduce you to Mike Spremulli. He is my go to person whenever we are looking to make important hires that we can’t afford to get wrong. Mike you popped into my head, because [first name] is [reason for introduction]. I’ll leave you two to it!

My direct contact info is:
Phone: 229.257.0665 x 107
E-mail: mike@chrysaliscorporation.com

Why Should People Refer Me?

The short answer is that I want to work with more people like YOU! Think about it. If you are reading this page, chances are we’ve been working together for several years – decades in some cases. Many of you have become my extended family throughout the globe. I want to grow that family through like-minded individuals.

I am a strong proponent of recognizing others who support you. When business results from an introduction that you make, you have the choice of accepting our gratitude in the form of cash, OR, an internal credit with us, OR, a donation in you and/or your company’s name to the charity of your choice.

Whew – that’s it! Thanks for sticking with me to the end.

And as always, if you need me, you know to find me. (in case you don’t, here’s that contact info again. . .)

My direct contact info is:
Phone: 229.257.0665 x 107
E-mail: mike@chrysaliscorporation.com