Michael Spremulli

Michael built his reputation profiling
over 50,000 job candidates.
He knows people Better than they know themselves.

Michael’s presentations all center around a core theme: the power of creating life-long business relationships.

He delivers rich, practical, and actionable information, while simultaneously captivating your audience’s attention. This combination of information and entertainment is guaranteed to make your event productive, profitable, and memorable.

Below are summaries of Michael’s presentations. All can be customized to meet your specific needs and requirements. Topics can adapted to both keynote and/or breakout formats.

The Relationship Mindset

Seeing More Than Meets The Eye
There is one element that cuts across all areas of business. From the “C” suite, down to the street. It is present in departments both large and small. It impacts both the “front” and “back” office. Get this wrong, and your organization is doomed before you start. So what is it? RELATIONSHIPS!

Michael provides the “operating system” to help you implement the relationship mindset. The end result are mutually beneficial professional relationships across all levels of your organization, and beyond.

Cracking The Motivation Code

Cracking The Motivation Code enables you to take a nuts and bolts approach to determine what forces really drive your team, your prospects and ultimately yourself. This presentation is not about motivation “hype”, but rather a systematic look at what gets people out of bed in the morning and how to create a culture of engagement in your workplace.
Michael has assessed the motivations of over 50,000 applicants throughout his career. During this presentation he’ll cut through all the noise and give you the real work needed to crack this code.

Selling Sight Unseen

Secrets to Reading Your Prospect’s
Personality Over The Phone (And In Person)

In Selling Sight Unseen, Michael shares insider techniques from his work throughout the past 20 years as a corporate personality profiler. He’ll arm you with the secrets needed to quickly size-up your prospects, determine their true needs and determine their preferred buying style. Applying these strategies transforms you from a “product pusher”, to a trusted advisor. When this mind shift occurs the probability of making a sale dramatically increases.

The 7 Deadly Hiring Sins

(and how to avoid them)

Making a bad hire can be catastrophic!
Michael outlines a step-by-step hiring approach that is easily implemented. He shares simple, yet effective strategies enabling attendees to quickly identify the core personality traits of job applicants. Knowing this information provides hiring managers with yet another tool to determine how well matched an applicant is with the job they are applying for.